The tradition. The original trail, with the right mix of history, nature and adventure.

2️⃣ Fast version.

A route more essential, with less difference in heigt and faster. Perfect for a easy cycling by gravel bike.

3️⃣Adventure version

For those who are never satisfied and want to have even more freedom in planning.
The definitive GPX as usual will be provided a couple of weeks before departure.

CT Classic: about a month before registering you will be provided with a GPX track that sintetize the best of our territory, a balanced mix of history, nature and adventure between the Italian and Slovenian Karst.

  • km: 340
  • d+: 6000m
  • single track: 10%
  • off road/cycle paths: 60%
  • difficulty: medium
  • recommended bike: mtb, monster cross
    circular route

CT Fast: GPX track provided one month before the event, shorter route than the CLASSIC version with smoother surfaces and less difference in altitude, but with passages that will give equal emotions.

  • km: 200
  • d+: 3500m
  • off road: 50%
  • single track: 5%
  • difficulty:  medium/low
  • bike: mtb, monster cross, gravel

CT Adventure: Adventure means planning, exploration and freedom of choice. That’s why we build a trail version you can design and edit by yourself. You will be provided with 15 waypoints located in specific points of the territory. They must necessarily be crossed in the right order, for the rest you can create your route as you want, even modifying it on the spot. Your passage will be validated via WIP live tracking.

  • km: from 300-450 km
  • d+: your choice
  • recommended bike: your choice

Please note: some waypoints will be off-road, so the use of road bikes is not permitted. The data reported here may be subject to slight variations.

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Carso Trail is organized by: BIKE SOUL SSDRL

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